Dead Rabbit RDA Review

Dead Rabbit RDA Review

The Dead Rabbit RDA is a 24mm stainless steel rebuildable e-cigarette. It was designed by YouTube vaping personalities Heathen and Hellvape. It features two airflow slots and a 510 squonk pin. It also comes with a removable terminal that can be accessed from the top of the tank. For more information about this RDA, read the following paragraphs.

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The Dead Rabbit RDA is a top-grade rebuildable cigarette. It features a quad-terminal build deck and a diagonal top-side airflow design. Its deck is made of PEEK insulated glass. It’s fully elevated. The drip tip is 2.5mm in diameter, and secures using hex-head screws. The deck also includes a 510 adapter to mount drip tips.

The Dead Rabbit RDA has a built-in 510 adapter for easy coil replacement. A 510 adapter allows you to change coils with ease. The adjustable drip tip ensures optimal airflow. The dual-slot design means that you can easily adjust the airflow direction. It has two post holes, and a 5mm deep juice well. The newest version of the Dead Rabbit RDA has a 24mm deck and a squonk port.

Dead Rabbit RDA has four gold-plated steel posts and a dual-slot design. It also has a gold-plated deck and gold-plated drip tip. The Dead Rabbit is an excellent rebuildable cigarette, and the company’s engineers have been perfecting it. The new V2 version is a fine-tuned, improved version of the original design. It offers the same benefits and upgrades.

In addition to being a top-side-feeding RDA, the Dead Rabbit is a top-side-fed design with a 24mm diameter. The Dead Rabbit RDA is compatible with 510 dripper adapters, as well as other bottom-feeding devices. A dead rabbit RDA is compatible with a wide range of wicking materials. If you have a dripper that can support the 510 threads, you’ll be ready to go in no time.

The Dead Rabbit RDA is a top-side-side-airflow rebuildable cigarette. It has four gold-plated steel posts and a 510 drip tip. The drip tip is a 2.5mm diameter and is secured with hex-head screws. The deck has a 510 adapter, so you can quickly mount a drip tip. It’s easy to disassemble. Its rounded corners can prevent leaks.

Regardless of which side-airflow RDA you choose, it will work perfectly for your needs. Its adjustable airflow can help you get the most out of your juice, and you can set it to be a top-airflow RDA by setting its airflow settings. The Dead Rabbit is a popular RDA for many people, and it’s the best choice for those looking for an RDA with a huge dripper.